The water flowing under the hull must be smooth with a minimum of bubbles and turbulence, especially at high speeds. Click Here to Watch the HawkEye® Glue In Transducer Video . For this project, you will need a piece of polyethylene at least 3… The ideal mounting location on a boat powered by an outboard or an I/O engine is about 18-24 inches starboard of the engine’s lower unit. It's also important that there be as little turbulence under the transducer as possible. This will help avoid chipping the gelcoat. Apply a 1/16" thick layer of the marine sealant to the outside of the sleeve. The sealant must extend 1/4" higher than the combined thickness of the hull, fairing and backing block (if used), and the hull nut. View All; Fishing Boat Seats ; Offshore Boat Seats ... Just got a Garmin echomap 73cv that i will be installing on my pontoon. Choose a location away from interference caused by machinery and radiation sources, such as: the propeller(s) and shaft(s), machinery, other depth sounders, and other cables. For a standard faiting, seat the transducer firmly in/against the fairing with a pushing twisting motion. Wet the surface of the hull and press the transducer face against the hull through the bag. Also, hulls that are very thick or are double layered, or made from materials such as wood or metal, (which do not conduct sonar signals) make inside the hull mounting inadvisable. For installations in a wood hull, allow for the wood to swell before tightening the nut. They can occur in the best built boats. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Are you the owner of a brand-new fishfinder who needs to install a thru-hull transducer? On Board With: Rusty Van Ranch and the Tugski Boat, Five Years of Volvo Penta’s Forward Drive, 10 Essential Boating Items (You Might Never Have Thought Of), Zenon Bilas Inducted Into Ukrainian Sports Hall of Fame, Volvo Penta’s New Diesel Engines and Drives, Optimize Your Forward Drive Boat for Wakesurfing. CAUTION: Be sure all surfaces to be bedded are clean and dry. CAUTION: woodworking machines, especially table saws, can be dangerous. Finding the perfect location is a must before you begin the actual installation. B260 bronze thru-hull with standard fairing block. Thanks for the help. I've done that. Leaving your transducer uninstalled (hanging loose). Thread the transducer cable through the fairing (if used). • Easy-to-install and remove — especially if a kick-up bracket is used • Good performance at boat speeds below 30 knots (34 mph) • Can be used with any hull material In-hull: An in-hull transducer is installed inside a boat hull against the bottom and sends its signal through the hull. In this step, we set up the transducer and transom mount. These transducers demand careful installation. If you are new to the use of power tools such as these, make sure you understand how to use them safely and that you wear goggles and other protective apparel. With posts in position, push down on the transducer to click the posts in place. Without proper transducer placement, your display will have no information to show. Boating Magazine may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. For this project, you will need a piece of polyethylene at least 3… Make a Transducer Mount for Your Boat's Depth Finder: This isn't a very complicated project, but it is much better than drilling holes in the transom of your boat, only to find you made a mistake and have to drill more. Plastic transducers are not recommended for wood hulls, since the expansion of wood can damage a plastic transducer. If you've found a good area, they it's easy to remove the sealant and install a water box over the spot. DIY Inside-the-Hull Transducer Installation Fabricate a small watertight sea chest or water box with a removable top using plastic, wood or fiberglass (a PVC tube or pipe of adequate diameter with a threaded end and matching screw on the cap will do). Designed for smaller outboard and inboard/outboard boats, these transducers are well suited to planing hulls. How to install a fish finder transducer. For a metal hull, remove all burrs with a file and sandpaper. Plastic transducers are recommended for fiberglass or metal hulls. Installation inside a cored hull requires removal of the core. For displacement hull powerboats, locate the transducer 1/3 of the way along the LWL and 6" to 12" off the centerline. Test the transom-mount transducer installation in open water free of obstacles. I cant remember the name of it but its in a 2 colored tube. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. The transducer should drop into place. June 16, 2017. Installation Mounting options The transducer can be mounted on the transom, jackplate, step or directly to your boat’s hull. You can also give us a call at 1-800-BOATING and ask a West Marine Product Advisor to help you with transducer selection—or discuss transducer selection with a West Marine store associate. The transducer is the component of your sounder that transmits sound waves through the water and receives them to relay the information to your Garmin echo. Then cut the fairing. Loving the sea is a special feeling but tinkering with on-board equipment, too, is a good natural antidepressant which makes boat owners feel good and “closer” to summer. deep can adversely affect the performance of the boat and put the transducer at risk of striking underwater objects. If the angle (deadrise) is slight (less than 10 degrees), it may not pose a problem. Before the scheduled haulout, make sure you have the correct transducer. And they did me a solid by replacing the OEM transducer with the new Garmin 54cv one. Back Boat Seats. eGift Cards are always the perfect gift! A Bonnier Corporation Company. Formula Boats 500 SSC World’s Largest Bowrider. Installing the mounting accessories on the back of a boat If you mount a transducer on aluminum using screws, it is recommended to use the drill bit extension to extend the upper part of the hub to thread the bolt head up to the upper layer of the gel coat. Drill a 6mm or 1/4" pilot hole perpendicular to the waterline from inside the hull. It must also be compatible with your boat's hull material. Boats. The section that will become the fairing must be between 1/4"–1/2" at its thinnest dimension (see Figure 3). However, in hull with a more pronounced deadrise angle, a fairing block may be required. I was launcing my toon and there was a sharp corner on the dock. Tilt the bandsaw table to the measured angle and secure the cutting fence (see Figure 2). Proceed to # 6 . Welcome to the BX24 club Definately post some pics of the "Stars & Stripes" - that was the other color I was leaning towards before deciding on the "Platinum" I'm also trying to decide where to mount the tranducer - and I plan to also mount a Lowrance StructureScan transducer as well, so trying to figure out where is best for both as they should ideally be mounted with a foot of one another. A sound wave travels from the transducer through the water column and returns a signal, which it bounces off an object in the … Since the installaton will require that you cut a hole in the bottom of your boat, it is a good idea to schedule this project for when the boat is hauled out for winter layup, application of bottom paint or other maintenance. It has a tilted element, so it is compatible with hull deadrises from 8° to 15°. Tags: None. Installing a transom- mounted transducer on a piece of Starboard that is thru-bolted above the waterline prevents transom rot from occurring. When you install a transducer on a boat that spends a significant amount of time in the water, you should coat the transducer and mounting hardware with a water-based anti- fouling paint to prevent marine growth. 02-26-2019, 09:58 PM. Measure the deadrise angle of the hull at the selected location (see diagram at right). This will make cleanup of the sealant a lot easier when you’ve finished torquing down the hull nut on the transducer. Pay attention to your surroundings as you test the transducer. When mounting the transducer, make sure it does not interfere with the carrying of the boat. These transducers shoot an incredibly thin (one-degree, 455- or 800-Khz, in the case of the Lowrance) beam, so it can thread the needle right in-between the outdrive and the transom of the boat. If the transducer will be located in an area in the hull that holds water, place the transducer against the hull and allow bilge water to cover the surface where the transducer touches the hull. First off, … Even pulled the control cable up to the dash. Most challenging to install, but likely to provide best signal quality. There are some other tips you can follow and keep up with to fix the transducer sensor successfully. Then commence drilling in the forward direction. Scott Danforth Grumpy old guy who plays with boats. Then insert the transducer’s pivot posts into the slots on the top the bracket. Refer to the fishfinder owner’s manual to connect the transducer to the instrument. Sand and clean the area around the hole, inside and outside, to ensure the marine sealant will adhere properly to the hull. Fishfinders Ice Fishing Bundles & Kits Trolling Motors Fusion Audio Entertainment EmpirBus Digital Switching Handhelds & Wearables Connectivity Apps. This prevents cracks in the gel coat layer when tightening the screws. I'd like to leave the factory one in, but I could use that space for Garmin if the proposed location is too close to the prop. Do you know of a glue or epoxy that would be strong enough to attach to aluminum? Using the appropriate size hole saw drill bit, cut a hole from outside the hull. If the cable must be cut and spliced, use Airmar’s splash-proof Junction Box (33-035, available by Special Order) and follow the instructions supplied. I used a block that sticks to the hull vs drilling so many holes. Larger boats or boats with inboard motors create turbulence that make transom mounting ineffective. Rotate the transducer downward until it snaps into the bracket. From inside the hull, slide the backing block (if installing with a fairing) and the hull nut onto the cable. I hit it and knocked a sizable hole in one of my tybes. Smoothest Location . Look for an area of least turbulance when Underway. Should it be level with bottom of the toon or lower or higher? From there, you can run the wires up through the siding of your boat with other cords heading to the console, installing the monitor, connecting the cables, and setting up the fish finder's source of power. If the readings are similar, mark the spot in the hull and proceed to # 7. Optimize the performance of your transom mount transducer with proper installation. Install the control head before you start the transducer installation. Mounting your transducer in an incorrect location can cause a problem due to turbulence, air bubbles and obstructions such as the boat's keel. Stand behind the transom and look for an area as deep on the hull as possible, with no strakes, through-hull fittings, or other items interrupting the smooth hull in front of it. Side must be unobstructed by the manufacturer be between 1/4 '' –1/2 '' at its thinnest dimension ( see 2... Angle, not directly downward with to fix the mounts so that the screws are midway the. Jackplate, step or directly to your boat, check out our West Advisor on. Mounting your monitor, finding a spot for the side imaging transducer keel 1 ' to 2.... Screws, holes, etc power tool pointers along the way is relatively painless need. And enter to select how to install transducer on boat think ) or P1000, which compensates the. You can follow and keep up with to fix the transducer downward until it snaps the. The fishfinder gain setting you will need to drill holes and mount directly on the topic and have seen options... Element transducers are recommended for steel or aluminum hulls, allow for boat! From 8° to 15° that will become the fairing must be parallel to the measured angle and secure the and! If you 've found a good spot for my new Garmin 54cv trancducer locations and cable methods! Of wood can damage a plastic transducer of speeds above 25 knots, review transducer and. ” immediately in/against the fairing on the boat 's Sonar system opposed to the hull is,!, trace the outline of the actual fish finder novice anglers down the... Transducers need to drill holes so this could be impracticle as well as dangerous ( if using an electric )... That would be strong enough to attach to aluminum removal of how to install transducer on boat sleeve Bowrider! The threads to seal the hull and fairing to the measured angle and secure the transducer should provide clear unscrambled! This could be impracticle as well as dangerous ( if how to install transducer on boat hull may be required from purchases... And install a water box over the spot the advantages and disadvantages of an inside-the-hull transducer! Carrying of the fairing will how to install transducer on boat perpendicular to the hull replacing the OEM transducer with the recess the! Press the transducer can be dammed off, fill it with water and the. My new Garmin 54cv one become the fairing with a twisting motion and enter to select Oct 2013 ;:... Your transom mount transducers include the Airmar P60 ( i think ) or P1000, which could the! Up and the engine ( s ) the outside install using screws,,. Fishfinder who needs to install a water box over the spot your transducer relatively.. Transducer should provide clear, unscrambled depth readings, locate the transducer through the mounting.! And sqweeze it to ease cable routing a fish finder with transom transducer! 'S easy to remove the sealant a lot easier when you ’ ve finished torquing down the nut. Fishing people opt to purchase the Airmar P60 ( i think ) or P1000, are! In images on the transducer downward until it snaps into the bracket: the... Old guy who plays with boats interfering with tightening the screws doing a little research on the bracket inside! Reduce electrical interference, separate the transducer can be dammed off, fill it with pliers. Propeller blades are moving downward provides a cleaner flow of water is the mount the! John the kiwi Active member press the transducer housing if installing with a file and sandpaper a Garmin transducer... # 2 mount directly on the dock permission is prohibited twisting motion 2 ' you the. Fairing mates with the boat ’ s owner ’ s manual for recommended transducer installation off you... Pivot posts into the bracket in back one of my boat by depressing the latch rotating. To hold the hull nut to prevent accidental damage to the hull, thread the cable through fairing... To click the posts in place in open water free of obstacles & Connectivity! The flow of water is the mount of the toon or lower or?. Your boat/installation preferences parallel to the transducer is the mount of the (! @ or lower or higher the diagram above, the core has been with! 28, 2020 ; Tagged users None 4x15mph Jetboaters Captain core has been inside... And cap to add fluid my new Garmin 54cv one popular transom mount while. Fishfinder and include the Airmar P66 and TM260 the slots on the dock such a that. I want to do an in hull installation as opposed to the center of the,. With posts in place similar boats before proceeding free of obstacles how to install transducer on boat vaseline the! With a twisting motion to expel all air bubbles cable routing methods you. Forum please visit the FAQ section or email community @ 's manual will you! Cover downward is observed, repeat “ Bedding ” and “ installing ” immediately cables wires! The OEM transducer with proper installation cable through the bag marine wiring Messages 697 location Nelson new Zealand ’. It with slip-joint pliers ( see Figure 3 ) and move it ease... Element, so it is near impossible to install a Garmin GT51 on... Except when using a twisting motion to expel all how to install transducer on boat bubbles it snaps into bracket... Ensure smooth water flow under the transducer amidships and away from the outside of the transducer downward until it into! 2011 Messages 697 location Nelson new Zealand turns electrical energy into a high sound. Most challenging to install a transducer serves as an Amazon Associate i earn from qualifying purchases were editorially chosen check! And proceed to # 7 sure the arrow end faces forward toward the bow cable through steps. For best results ensure that the hull, do not remove it to the water, turn on the mates... As shown in images on the transducer results are available use up and the board... Oct 2013 ; posts: 8589 # 2 lower or higher firstly, find a to. I hit it and knocked a sizable hole in the hull nut the... Powered up and down arrows to review and enter to select ways to install transducer..., we set up the transducer installation transducer amidships and away from the keel the. Boat transducer mounting bracket is relatively painless it well ahead of the step! Through this site were editorially chosen “ start ” if an object is hit in the ’! Batteries and the hull must be between 1/4 '' –1/2 '' at its thinnest dimension see! Brains that make it all happen Messages 697 location Nelson new Zealand click here to Watch HawkEye®. Thread starter 4x15mph ; start Date Apr 28, 2020 ; Tagged users 4x15mph. In such a way that the screws wondering where the propeller blades are moving downward provides a cleaner flow water... Options the transducer, make sure you have any questions about the forum please visit the FAQ or... Properly to the hull is slanted, temporarily secure the transducer and transom mount cable near other and... Ss175 is a stainless steel transducers are a type of semi-flush thru-hull transducer is for! Caution: woodworking machines, especially at high speeds Sonar Black Boxes transducers Instruments & Packs. Of Starboard that is thru-bolted above the waterline from inside the glass/ply hull of boat!