My partner bought sherwin williams cashmere paint and primer on the weekend, my question is this all i need for the walls? I have a detached 4 bed property of solid wall construction with pebble dash render on 3 sides and brick on front wall. Conwy • Member since 11 Jan 2017 • Benjamin Moore Regal Select. Cashmere sheens include flat, low … Both paints can get the job done in two coats. Yes, Sherwin Williams paint goes on sale…and fairly often, too. UK VAT Registered: 850 4121 63. Let's see now if SW stands behind their product. INTERIOR PRIMER Quali-Kote® Interior Latex Wall Primer White 640208872 B28WB0001 5 GAL 54.39 INTERIOR PRIMERS. Buying Options. Browse our wide selection of Do It Yourself paints. If I'm painting white semi-gloss over white semi-gloss, I normally have no intention of putting on 2 coats. Find savings like 40% Off at Sherwin Williams this December 2020. Sherwin Williams SuperPaint is very good paint for your walls and I use it all the time. 100% positive That's two coats + a primer. Cashmere is probably bthe easiest roll/brush paint S-W has. Let's compare Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin - Williams house paints. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Similarly, it is asked, do I need primer with Sherwin Williams Duration? 155 Posts . Meaning, you better not have any drywall repairs needed prior to using Sherwin – Williams interior Cashmere. Washable flats come only as Premium Flats, like Sherwin Williams Cashmere Flat. SuperPaint in semi-gloss is also fine for trim, or Duration if you want quarts. Product Specifications: Average Price: $40.00-$50.00/gal. Textured, soft, porous, or powdery plaster should be treated with a solution of 1 pint household vinegar to 1 gallon of water. Duration, SuperPaint, or Cashmere? Give walls an elegant look with Cashmere®. Typically a more durable paint such as a matte or eggshell is used on walls, flat for ceilings and a semi-gloss for trim. I have been reading about a "mist coat" do i need to do this? However, the major difference between the two interior house paints are found in the percentages of vinyl polymers (a raw material that usually dries leaving a sticky or tacky film. Virtually paint your rooms with ColorSnap® Visualizer for Web and iPad. Cashmere Interior Latex Wood 1 ct. When repainting involves a drastic color change, a coat of primer will improve the hiding performance of the topcoat color. Wow! They do make a primer version, but we do not usually use it. (Read on to find out the best way to store your paints). Some paint + primers are adequate for covering small drywall repairs without a primer coat, but for something as big as fresh drywall, I prefer using a product specifically designed to properly seal the new surface. One paint manufacturer exec told me years ago that every can of paint is a can of trade offs. Emerald is a line of Sherwin Williams paints. My partner bought sherwin williams cashmere paint and primer on the weekend, my question is this all i need for the walls? Click to expand... Yeah but they were ahead of the curve. Sherwin-Williams Cashmere A fine, top-end paint. After receiving the pros and cons of the different interior paints, we selected Cashmere Interior. I've looked back through older posts discussing SW but most seem to compare SW to BM or other paint companies as opposed to doing a comparison of the different SW paint lines. Several paint brands, however, have high-end products that claim one-coat coverage. Sherwin Williams SuperPaint is comparable to Behr’s Premium Plus paint which offers paint and primer in one and good hide and coverage. Its primary difference when compared to other, more conventional, paints is that it is both a paint and primer in one formula. If you are new here, please review posting/commenting guidelines. I have a sandstone Victorian house with a slate roof with a dormer in it. If waxes exist, remove with ammoniated cleaners. January 28, 2020. Allow 3 hours drying time before applying a skim coat, patch, new wallcovering, or primer to the surface. we deliver excellence, dependability and integrity through premium-quality products, state-of-the-art tools and personalized service. Roof repaired 3 times and leak is not fixed. The three types of paint which we will go into are SuperPaint, Duration, and Emerald. Both paints can get the job done in two coats. ... coverage matters more if you need to paint over a dark room. Ben covers better but Opulence touch up better. Learn More. 10 The Duration Home line is a paint and primer combo that is also stain-resistant, plus it will cover any existing stains on your walls as well. Cookies Is Valspar or Sherwin Williams better? — Choosing Paint: Sherwin Williams vs. Behr vs. Benjamin Moore vs. Valspar vs. PPG. (These products have been fine tuned over the past few years and provide excellent, consistent results.) Sherwin Williams SuperPaint Acrylic Latex Paint And Primer In One By admin January 21, 2014 – Posted in: Featured Products , Reviews Sherwin Williams Super Paint – We recently had a chance to revisit this old favorite in its newest formulation. 3,388 Posts #21 • Feb 13, 2013. Aug 27, 2012 17:26:52 GMT -5 . Is there a difference between Sherwin Williams Cashmere paint and their Paint + Primer? Explore over 1,500 colors to get inspiration from a photo. Sherwin Williams Duration. In this way, how long should you wait to paint a second coat Sherwin Williams? I'm having a single storey extension built (approx 4m x 5.8m). If a formulation is tweaked in one area, there is a ripple effect in other areas. Edit: also pick a nice roller! This ultra-smoothpaint glides on for easy application and dries with a silky rich finish - the result is a difference you can see and feel. That child's bedroom painted school bus yellow, teen's room painted midnight purple, and the 60's man cave covered with paneling all require different types of paint and often require more than one coat or a primer or even a skim coat. Depending on the color difference, you may need additional coats. Even if you use flat wall paint or primer to spot prime the drywall patches prior to top-coating, the issue still remains. Priming is also essential; be sure to ask your local Benjamin Moore retailer for a deep base primer if painting a darker hue. Wet thickness: 4 mils. No primer necessary. Sherwin-Williams has an app that you can download! Do you need primer with Benjamin Moore paint? Sherwin williams cashmere paint and primer, do i need anything else for the walls. Washable Flat. The walls are plaster. About Sherwin-Williams. Sherwin Williams Opulence is Cashmere in Canadian Market. Personally, I would take the time to use a drywall primer and then paint over it with whatever paint you prefer. A community dedicated to helping people looking for advice on personal home improvement projects. And just like real cashmere, it is so smooth, giving a great finish. The question is whether Duration paint is worth the cost, or not. This paint shares many characteristics with our main pick but is slightly more expensive. At first they proposed ProMar 200 and now, after hearing that is not a durable paint, we are thinking of moving up to Cashmere. Thanks(sarcasm) That's what drove me to Sherwin Williams. It's better to pay for 1 coat of Killz or Zinsser and only 2 coats of SW than 3-4 coats of SW. We offer technologically advanced, high-performance coatings for residential and commercial applications. Plus, the Sherwin Williams rep concluded it was the paint, not something the painter did. Most projects where you’re going over a previously-painted surface do not require the use of a primer. I need to pick a Sherwin Williams paint type and finish for master bath remodel. So we bought a gallon of Behr Marquee ($38), Sherwin-Williams Infinity ($37) and Benjamin Moore Aura ($72) to see how well they covered in one coat. Huge disappointment hope I don't have more problems living with it!! Guys - I need to paint (by brush) some wood wainscoting with Sherwin-Williams Pro-Classic acrylic latex in semi-gloss white. How long does it take for Sherwin Williams cashmere paint to dry? Cashmere Interior Latex Other primers may be appropriate. ceilings, trim, walls, cabinets), sometimes assist with color and finish selection and … Not scrubbable, doesn't cover, bubbles on second coat. The Infinity was purchased to paint under the chair rail area in the dining room. That's what makes it more durable and have a better lifespan, but it's also the most expensive component, so when the cost of it goes up like it did in the early 2010s, it impacts our paint more than Behr. Removal of old paint by sanding, scraping or other means may generate dust or fumes that contain lead. AbsolutePainting said: I agree but all major paint manufacturers are guilty of this "product overload". 2 coats. In many cases all you’ll need to do is spot-prime any bare areas that need to be addressed before applying your finish. 5 I needed a color match and a long-lasting quality paint for our living/family room. Is Sherwin Williams cashmere paint washable? Hey, i recently built a house and i am looking to paint it. feedback. It seemed to us here at Family Handyman that this is may prove to be a little too good to be true. I work at Sherwin-Williams. Some paint + primers are adequate for covering small drywall repairs without a primer coat, but for something as big as fresh drywall, I prefer using a product specifically designed to … Master prep is a thick primer meant to go on raw sheetrock. Just so, does Sherwin Williams make paint with primer? If the primer adhered, but the paint didn't adhere to their own brand of primer, that says something. I try to stick with Sherwin Williams Better products, from Super Paint on up. There are many other high-end paints available from Sherwin-Williams as well. Always assume you will need at least two coats of paint. ... One thing we need to stress is that high-quality paint doesn’t take any kind of pro-level skill to use. At the lowest end of the spectrum is its box store consumer brand---Dutch Boy. It's super cheap. Primer is cheaper than paint, if you anticipate needing 3 coats, then do a primer first. You should also prime drywall before hanging wallpaper on it. Have any of you had experience with this? Benefits of Sherwin Williams Wall & Wood: brushes, rolls and sprays exceptionally well Per square foot of paintable surface, you’ll need about 0.1 gallons of paint. Duration and Emerald are both great depending on the budget. The primer we used for this particular application was Sherwin Williams Master Prep. Benjamin Moore Ben vs Sherwin Williams Opulence. Coverage/gallon: 350-400 sq ft. Drying time @ 50% Relative Humidity (Touch): 1 Hour. Posts: 3,206 Likes: 1,371 Sherwin Williams-which type paint? Use the drywall primer, fresh drywall is thirsty and may suck up a lot of your top coat. If you're painting fresh drywall, use a primer sealer. Cashmere is the worst paint I have ever used by Sherwin 40 years of using their paints Neither my contractor, painter, or I would ever recommend this paint. If you’re planning to paint your damp basement, you’ll want a paint with more mildew resistance. Just to lead: I work at Sherwin Williams, so I've got a bias coming in. Cheap rollers don’t give you a good finish. Ben is at $54.99 CAD and Opulence is at $67 CAD. Sherwin Williams markets many levels of products. Can only go with Sherwin Williams paint. Video. Ben is at $54.99 CAD and Opulence is at $67 CAD. Cashmere® paint and primer in one looks good from all angles and features a scrubbable surface for easy cleaning and maintenance. SuperPaint is just one more way we bring you industry-leading paint technology — innovation you can pass on to your customers. Sherwin Williams-which type paint? Many people prefer ProClassic for trim, but my priority is coverage and hiding over ultimate smooth finish. In terms of durability, the paint performs very well. Do I have to insulate solid walls? Will I need to do a coat of primer on my drywall before doing the Cashmere paint coats? tradesmen. Terms and conditions It is difficult for one can of paint or primer to excel in ALL categories. The roof comes up to the sandstone wall (coping?) Primer is just cheap paint that gets sucked up by the wall. The raw materials in a can of Cashmere paint are actually similar to those found in SW ProMar 200. The... © 2008-2020 MyBuilder Limited )Dust can easily stick to areas that are painted with house paints that contain high amounts of vinyl, mak… It helps to hide imperfections and sands out really smooth. 1 Gallon of Sherwin Williams Paint - $50; 1 Gallon of Primer - $36; ... For example, if you're painting drywall you might need more coats of paint or primer to ensure the paint adheres and looks nice. At first they proposed ProMar 200 and now, after hearing that is not a durable paint, we are thinking of moving up to Cashmere.